8 mistakes to avoid when writing a resume

  1. Write the wrong spelling and grammar.

An industry expert said that it took them only 6 seconds to review each CV sent. So if in the first 6 seconds they found a mistake in spelling or basic grammatical structures, that CV will be removed immediately. You didn’t spend 2 seconds reading your CV carefully before sending it, which means you don’t respect this English teaching job, so they don’t want to waste their valuable time on your CV.

  1. Being dishonest.

You must always be honest in your resume. It can be really complicated and confusing when an employer finds out you’re lying. Even if you do not have the experience in teaching English that the employer requires, just be honest about it and show them that you are capable of doing many other things and being a competent person. 

English teaching job
English Teaching Job
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  1. Using inappropriate fonts.

You do not need to express yourself as an office computer savvy by using too many fonts, headers, footers or spacing … in your CV. On the contrary, it is difficult to read and makes the employer feel uncomfortable and remove your CV for a teaching job.

  1. Not to mention skills and experience that employers require.

The teaching skills and teaching experience that the employer requires are one of the must-have items for a CV. If you do not have the skills or experience or you have but not mentioned in the CV or mentioned in general, incomplete and detailed. The employer will not know if your competency is suitable for this position or not, your CV will be eliminated. No employer will take time and effort to learn about your capabilities, strengths and practical experience unless you show them yourself.

  1. Referring to the salary. 

    English teaching job
    English Teaching Job
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You should not specifically mention the salary you want in the next job application or the salary you were paid in the previous job. This is not necessary for every CV, sometimes even causing employers to misunderstand your ideas. You can talk to your employer about your desired salary at the end of the interview.

  1. A Mention too much about your weaknesses.

Do not show employers your weaknesses because the first impression in the CV is very important. Especially is an English teaching job. If possible, avoid questions about weaknesses or answer generally to sidestep another issue. If you are applying for an English teaching job,  never tell the employer that you do not know how to communicate.

  1. Unreasonable CV presentation.

If you want the employer to pay attention to your strengths and capabilities, you need to present your CV very well and highlight those things. So the presentation is one of the important factors to help you impress the employer.

  1. Mention too many unrelated achievements.

Instead of telling too many accomplishments and experiences that aren’t related to the English teaching position, you can list what qualifications or certificates you have earned.

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