Mistakes when writing a CV of English teaching job seekers often make.


Will you make any mistakes when writing your CV English teaching job?

It is possible, due to the fact that we do not pay attention to how to write CV properly, it is only when we are unemployed that we hurry to prepare. To minimize unnecessary errors, please see the mistakes when writing a CV that 30sjob.com shared below to draw lessons and create an impressive CV for yourself. Especially the jobs of teaching English in Vietnam.

  1. Talk too much about yourself.

The mistake when writing the first CV that English teaching job applicants are susceptible to is that they do not understand that employers usually only spend 30-60 seconds to read their CV, so please keep your CV short and concise. Introducing rambling about yourself is not a good thing, the ancients had the phrase “Long talk, talk tough talk”.

Before writing your CV, find a few keywords that emphasize your strengths and suitability for the position. In addition to the academic and professional level, you should bring extra extracurricular experience, show employers the agility, ability to communicate, teamwork, creativity, and leadership potential when faced with real work.

In short, give your employer a reason why they must call you instead of others.

  1. Too focused on the job position.

The second mistake when writing a CV that English teaching job seekers often make is too focused on the job position but forgetting that the purpose of the employer hiring you is to let you work, bringing more value to the company, not have to hire you to take that position, then train you on how to work.

English teaching job in Vietnam
English teaching job in Vietnam
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For example: When you apply for a position to supervise a hotel reception. You must consider the level of location suitability rather than liking. The fit here is the ability to specialize (graduated in hotel tourism, good English or have been trained in receptionist). Experience (supervisor, receptionist, reservation, sales…). Skills required for the position (communication, teamwork, management …). Other requirements (such as appearance), third language …

If you value yourself, accept to be in the “right” position, and continually strive to assert yourself, you will quickly achieve your dream position.

  1. Do not invest time in writing your CV.

The final mistake when writing a CV. We want to share is about the time it takes to write a CV. If you write your CV in a hasty, sloppy way, you will surely make stupid mistakes. Your CV will be eliminated right from the preliminary round, which is unavoidable. To avoid this mistake, you need to spend a lot of time writing your CV. Be careful not to make the following mistakes:

– Inappropriate use of photos: The use of a flashy photo, informal outfits, should be avoided. Use a 4x6cm portrait photo with a business suit, blue or white background.

– Use the informal email address: Avoid using email addresses in the form of boycute@gmail.com, girl_kute@gmail.com …. please use serious email addresses such as Yourname@gmail.com. 

– Arrange experience time: List experiences from the present to the past. Describe the work to be done clearly.

– Use 1 CV for many English teaching job positions: A CV for English teaching kindergarten will be different from a CV teaching IELTS. So you need to adjust when submitting to different positions.

– Spelling, grammar: This error sounds very simple but many employers “beat dead” this error, they feel really “silly”, like they are not respected. So, carefully review spelling mistakes, sentences, paragraph text before sending it.

– CV design and layout: Everyone loves beauty so you need to design yourself an eye-catching CV, standard CV layout, something important to put on top. For example Career goals, experience, education level, skills …. finally the reference.


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