How To Write A Proper CV for English teaching Job When You Do Not Have Many Experiences

How To Write CV For English teaching Job

Many college students are wondering how to write a CV for English teaching job when they do not have any working experiences. If you did not go to work during your time as a student, you would be confused when finding a job because of lacking experiences. you don’t have to worry because 30sjob will provide you with some knowledge to form an effective way of writing a CV.

Relative topics that you might interest in:

You could express your specialist knowledge related to the work that you are interning or working. Internship period, graduation thesis/ scientific research or volunteer works… you can also mention in your CV. Put in mind that you should include some outstanding achievements in those programs or works that you have enrolled in. Especially, emphasizing skills concerning the job would make your CV for English teaching job stand out from others.

English Teaching Job In Vietnam
English Teaching Job In Vietnam
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1. Indicate that you have authority on the field.

You might make a good impression on the employers by showing you have specialized knowledge of the job you apply even though you don’t have experience. When in university, you should look up the information before applying for a job ( English teaching job ). You can also mention your specialized score in the CV. However, if it is not related to the position, you should not include it.

  • For example:

+ Having a thorough understanding of Incorterm 2010, export and import goods record.

+ Expert in logistics and international payments.

+ Get an 8.0 in international payments.

+ Have bachalor degree

+120 hours Tesol

2.Include all the training programs that you have attended:

If you have ever attended any short term training programs at any company, then try to make use of the time while you are there, learn from anyone and learn from your own experience to understand the job.

You can write your CV as the following pattern:

_ Intern at Import and Export division at XYZ Company:

+ Learning the import and export goods process.

+ Learn how to find and evaluate suppliers.

+ Studying international contracts and negotiation.

3. Graduation thesis and scientific research:


Topic research: Sewage system in Saigon

_ Research the building technique

_ Design a construction drawing.

Result: win the 2nd place.

4. Get a scholarship in university

Ex: The prize or academic level can be mention as follow:

_ Scholarship for a student who attains the highest score in 2011-2012 and 2013-2014 periods.

5. Join volunteer works:

You may join volunteer works that properly not connect to your specialized experience but you should indicate what you have contributed to the organizations in which you participate and personal achievement that is necessary for the position you apply.

Ex: Collaborators, volunteers at YD Disability Club

– Plan lessons, create a registration form and send to volunteers

– Teaching directly in the classroom

-Experiences teaching English

– Plan and organize activities for the children in the Mid-Autumn Festival, birthdays …


– Help children read, write and do simple math

– Increase the ability to communicate and communicate

– The ability to organize programs and events

6. Emphasize your soft skills

Soft skills are always essential for any candidate who wants a dream job. Having this, you definitely have to train yourself, create opportunities for yourself by participating in activities, projects on and off-campus.

You can read job descriptions, job requirements in job postings to build the skills needed for that job, there are technical terms that do not understand in the description, you should learn through books. or online.

There are brief job advertisements, not all the requirements that employers want, you can refer to the job information of that position in other companies.

After setting it up, when you come to the stage where you have the outstanding qualities needed for the job you apply for, fill out your CV for English teaching job immediately. Studying through many different job postings will help you know what the job needs for you so that you can then write on the CV for English teaching job and that can make your CV different from other candidates when he or she relies solely on the job offer of the applying company, and the CV may be duplicated.

You can also search on google the skills and qualifications necessary for the job you are interested in to know what you need to practice, learn more skills, and then add it to your CV to apply English teaching job.

7. Read news and books about the field you are applying for laboriously:

Show that you are a passionate person and want to apply for a job by showing that you love reading and news about that field. If you study a field other than the position you applied for, the more you should show this. In addition, before applying, you should also go to the website of the company you apply to learn about the company and position. It is also very attractive and sympathetic to the employer.

For example: You study Accounting but love to do Marketing, you can show in your hobbies as follows:

– Reading the book: Marketing Strategy … of the author …

– Read articles about Marketing at websites like: …

If you do not feel confident to have a formal job after graduation. You can take extra courses, apply for english teaching jobs for work placements you want to do later. During this time try to accumulate knowledge, learn from yourself and everyone to prepare a solid foundation of knowledge and skills ready for a formal job.


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