Ho Chi Minh City – employment opportunities for foreigners ( English teaching job )

Ho Chi Minh City is a major economic center of Vietnam with various international activities taking place which contributed to the city modernization process. This matter creates a diversified and highly profitable market along with providing job opportunities not only for locals but also foreigners. Especially is English teaching job in Vietnam !

Ho Chi Minh City is the business center of the country, especially in tourism which brings tremendous benefits to the economy. All other industries such as construction industry, agriculture, forestry, and small scale businesses also create economic value for the city. 

Finding jobs in Ho Chi Minh City 

It is not that difficult to find a job in this city even if you are a foreigner or local people. With your personal strength, you can enroll in English teaching business at English centers or at universities. This job also provided chances to experience traditional culture and a way to travel. If you already have a TEFL certificate or any teaching experiences, then there are chances for you to choose.

You can look up for the vacant information on the Internet and carefully examine it before making a decision whether to accept the job or not. Normally, when it comes to registering, you will have to take a video interview. Jobs which have high salary are those in universities, high schools or international schools; and of course, you will have a vacation the same as a student for working there. Another suggestion is that you can sign up to teach in English centers or one-on-one tutoring courses on evenings and weekends.

English Teaching Job In VN
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Labor license in Ho Chi Minh City

The labor license is required when you are hired into a company. Foreigners working at HCM City without any labor license will be expelled. To avoid this situation, you can hand in the license in 90 days starting from the day you arrive in Vietnam. It depends on the visa validity. However, the easiest way is seeking helps from the head of the business who employed you. The form will be sent to the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs in Ho Chi Minh City and it will be executed.

Looking for jobs is not an easy task but the job opportunities in HCM city are always available for everyone. Hope you will find your dream job. 

Multiple work is a trend of foreigners in HCM City

Almost a year after I first came to HCM city. Whenever I look back all the working process I had done in this the past, I gain more personal experiences and hopefully it would benefit those who have long-term orientation in HCM city.

Despite the fact that the world economy is on the recovery pace after years of the financial crisis in Europe. However, it is like an illusion to them and Saigon is no exception.

According to Saigon Liberation newspaper, there are approximately 140.000 people register for unemployment insurance and the unemployed proportion of HCM city in 2012 was 4.9%, reduce 0.6% since 2010. This situation can cause disadvantages for the locals as well as foreigners.

For that reason, I have some advice for you, and that is you should find a job before coming here. You had better consult the information about the job market in Vietnam, finding some overseas company recruiting foreigners candidate that match your specialty.

In general, we have a fixed job with monthly payable salary, debts and other costs. Nevertheless, doing different jobs is a way to avoid boredom in the office.

In America, it is reported that 7.3 million people doing more work after the depression in 2009 and I assume that this trend will occur in Vietnam.

So what are the job you can do in HCM City?

English teacher

If you think you excel in teaching then you can challenge yourself in this position. This can be seen as a popular job in VN in this day and age. The needs for learning a foreign language, especially English, is on the upward trend; therefore, the income of foreign teachers is pretty high.


If you are proficient in writing then you can apply for a position such as a copywriter, manager, editor for brands like Brand Maker Vietnam, Lowe and Partners Worldwide.


This job can be seen as interesting for foreigners because they can make use of their own advantage to get the job with an undeniable salary.

Free designers

Becoming an art designer, website designer or animation artist is the jobs that you need to take into consideration. Why not?

Free IT employees

Many studies have shown that the infiltration of the Internet, mobile phones and online games in Vietnam will grow in the next few years; therefore, demand for a professional web developers, game designers is increasing. However, if you want to enjoy a good life in this beautiful city, there are few things that you may need to add on:

  • Knowing Vietnamese:

Vietnamese fluently is a key to open doors for you. The locals love to hear foreigners speak their mother tongue – this proves that they have an interest in learning the culture of the locals.

  • Having special abilities:

This is an important element if you want to achieve your dream job even though you do not speak the locals’ language fluently. Outstanding skills set compare to local employees is the chance for you to get a job in HCM.

The time may be flexible by doing multiple jobs, you may encounter pressures because of stresses.

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