How To Write An Attractive English Teacher Cover Letter

How to write a cover letter to attract employers

Besides the CV and the basic qualifications, a cover letter is also an important factor for employers to consider whether or not to invite you to an interview. So in order not to lose a suitable English teaching job. you should never neglect to write a cover letter.

A few tips below will help you write a more convincing and impressive resume.

Forget about the routine, “Hello, my name is … I read this job post …” When reading hundreds of such letters, the employer will feel extremely depressed and quickly ignore your letter.

Instead, open the letter with a few witty statements, an impressive statement, a solution to the problem the company is having. Certainly, employers will be interested and read your next lines.

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English teacher cover letter
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Know how to introduce yourself

It’s bad that you only list your skills and experience in the form of a list. From today, change that, because the cover letter is where you can convince the employer to accept yourself.

Ideally, you need to state what skills and experience you have in your current job, why the company should choose you, what you can bring to the company … Don’t write yourself into the company to learn, to gain experience because no company wants to be a school for candidates. When you see the values ​​you can bring about, employers will care more about you.

There are key keywords

Throughout the letter, try to interweave the important keywords included in the job description. For example, if the position you apply for the company requires the candidate to be enthusiastic, hard-working, under high pressure, in the cover letter, you must say that you are qualified and give some specific illustrations be. Strict use of these keyword groups will make it easier for you to catch the eye of the hiring company.

Do not write a single letter for all teaching job applications.

Most of us are quite lazy and use a common CV form, a general cover letter form for the entire job we apply for. This is a serious mistake because each position, each company has a different request, maybe your letter close to this job but diverted from the other job.

So when looking for ESL jobs Vietnam, choose a few jobs that best suit you, then write a separate letter for each employer, sticking to their requirements. This will make it easier for you to be invited to an interview.

Impressive finish.

The maximum length of a cover letter is one page, so make your points as concise as possible. At the end of the letter, you must leave an impression on the employer by emphasizing that you are the right person for the job, calling for a specific action on their part and thank the employer for reading this letter.

When you end up being too bland, the employer will feel down, even the positive feelings for you in the opening will be slipped away. Therefore, invest this part carefully, avoid superficial, cliché writing.

Always double check your mail before sending

In the process of writing a letter, you can make some basic mistakes: wrong spelling, slurred sentences, misplaced punctuation marks …, and even some people make silly mistakes: misspelled names company. This is small, but it makes you become less professional and not meticulous. Even these small mistakes will get worse if you apply for Japanese companies.

To avoid this situation, you need to read the cover letter carefully before sending it, check spelling and grammar, make sure your letter looks as perfect and complete as possible.

The cover letter plays a very important role in the profile, it will help you to express your desires and goals, increasing your chances of matriculation. Therefore, you need to be meticulous and careful in writing the cover letter, not to make small mistakes to destroy the dream job for a long time. A good cover letter will definitely be your best connection to the position.


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