6 things to do when starting a new English teaching job in Vietnam 

6 things to do when starting a new English teaching job in Vietnam 

  1. Prepare the right clothes for the English teaching job in Vietnam

You should “update” your wardrobe right away to fit the new working environment ( English teaching job in Vietnam ). An appropriate and proper outfit will help you score at the new company. Don’t dress too casually because that would cause others to judge you as unkind. But remember not to be too groomed, too flashy. Please apply the most simple rule when choosing a work outfit!

English teaching job in Vietnam
English teaching job in Vietnam
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  1. Learn the company’s culture and regulations

Observe how others in the new company act and you will gain a lot of cultural information in this workplace environment. Do they have lunch at their desks or out? The most stressful job at any time of the day? Do people have time to relax, talk during the day or just focus on work? Do people often communicate via email or direct exchange?? When working at a new company, you must make an effort to integrate into the common culture at work. You don’t want to be judged by other people to not know “customary enrollment” right?

 Learn the rules about the company culture at a new workplace

  1. Always willing to help

An attitude of being willing to help will leave a good impression on colleagues and help build close relationships at work. However, do not be too enthusiastic if you do not want to turn yourself into a “wrong machine” offline! And remember to make sure you get your work done first.

  1. Ask, ask and ask

Once you start to integrate into a new environment, you should often ask your colleagues questions to clarify issues and work processes that have questions. Your colleagues will feel more open when you ask for help. It is better to ask unknown things, otherwise, if you do your own thing while not grasping clearly, then the situation will become more chaotic and then you have to try to do it all again. But you should also remember to avoid disturbing others!

 You should ask your colleagues what questions you have

  1. Practice communication skills

This is the basic skill that you need to know when working in any environment. Effective communication will help you succeed at work and with your colleagues and customers. Even if you are new, you need to practice communication skills. Communication not only helps us be more confident, work more effectively, but it also makes sense to build a friendly, professional working space.

But how to communicate effectively with colleagues? You need to learn how to control your body language, gait, stand, sit, style when talking, listening, the smallest gesture … to help yourself look confident. Then practice the method of mastering the space, giving presentations, making eye contact …

  1. Read more books

Through reading, you learn how to learn, adapt to the working environment, refuse to be polite, resolve conflicts that may occur in the least damaging way to yourself … or even small details such as the manner of talking, eating and drinking in the office, this is a habit never redundant for young people today. Books on business guide, behavior, conflict resolution … will be of great help to you in the process of starting a new job and on your career path later. I wish you integrate into the new environment quickly!

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