CELTA certificate all you need to know about it

CELTA is a certificate required for English language teachers. So what is CELTA certificate? Our article will be very helpful for those who are looking to become an English teacher.

What is CELTA certificate ?

Celta certificate
Celta certificate
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CELTA is an English language teaching certificate, which is specifically for teachers who have little or no experience. CELTA is granted by Cambridge University, a leading institution for education. This certificate is recognized widely all over the world.
The advantage of having CELTA certificate
+        An internationally recognized certificate
+        Highly appreciated for language ability
+        You can teach English around the world
+        The standard of comparison for quality
+        You will have many opportunities to live, work and learn other cultures throughout the world

Who should take a CELTA course?

+        Inexperienced teachers who have just started the first steps in their jobs
+        Those who do not graduate from universities of pedagogy can take CELTA as an international English teaching certificate
+        Teachers who want to improve their skills, professional teaching methods

Where you can register for a CELTA course in Vietnam?

There are approximately 900 CELTA courses each year. Therefore, it is easy for you to apply and attend a course from more than 300 prestigious centers around the world.
In Vietnam, you can register for CELTA courses at the English language centers.
Besides, you can register for the Cambridge CELTA Online-Course:
+        45-weeks for full-time course
+        From several months to more than a year for part-time course
+        Including: online-learning and teaching practice at classroom
We hope that through the article “What is a CELTA certificate”, English teachers have a general view and understand more about CELTA certificate. CELTA certification will give you keys to open doors for jobs. So that you will have many chances to teach English not only in Vietnam but also around the world.


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