10 things you should do when starting a new job

10 things you should do when starting a new English teaching jobs in Vietnam

When trying out new jobs, there are things you should do to get off to a good start.

Starting a new English teacher is both emotional and exciting. You will be able to start all over again, learn new things, renew your skills, face new challenges and have new relationships. But at the same time, you will also worry about getting along with your colleagues and making a good impression on your boss. If you do the following, you will get off to a good start in your new English teaching job in Vietnam.

English teaching job in Vietnam
New English teaching job in Vietnam
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  1. Be always positive:  A positive attitude can make a difference. You are employed because you have the skills and experience necessary for the position. So always smile and show your enthusiasm at work. Let your colleagues and superiors know that you are excited about this new opportunity and willing to help if they need you.2. Understanding expectations:

Understanding what the company expects of you is important. If you do not know these expectations, how can you achieve them? If possible, print an official job description for your position. This will give you a clear picture of what responsibilities you must assume. If you cannot get a job description, make sure you discuss your expectations and responsibilities with your boss as soon as possible.


  1. Never interrupt a colleague

    Never interrupt a colleague when they are describing an existing process, tool or policy by saying “I don’t need to know about that – we will eliminate it”.

    4. Never make the mistake of making friends

Never make the mistake of making friends and supporting senior managers, while ignoring and downplaying colleagues at the same level. If your coworkers consider you an enemy, they will never trust and cooperate with you.

5. Don’t complain about former colleagues and bosses

When talking about negative relationships with your boss or former colleagues, you are making the most serious mistake for yourself. Many people think that it is brave and heroic. In contrast, colleagues will assume that you are the villain and do not know when to speak ill of them. Complain to family or friends, don’t share anything bad about the new environment.

6. Never ridicule or ridicule old processes

Never ridicule or ridicule old processes concepts, or thoughts from the new organization. Don’t joke about how your colleagues work. If they did anything to improve it, they wouldn’t hire you.

7. Don’t rush to share personal information:

It would be unwise to share your personal information in an unfamiliar environment. That is especially true in situations with new colleagues. It takes a lot of time to get to know them. So think about who will keep the information confidential, who will spread rumors and who will use it to harm you. Ideally, do not share too much personal information with new colleagues.

8.Never question colleagues about their abilities in any field.

It is a very vulgar act and will turn you into an obnoxious person.

9.Never get caught up in competitions or experience comparisons.

Remember that fear and change go hand in hand. You will always feel insecure at work until you know many things, and that takes 6 months, 1 year or more. Try to suppress the desire to show in front of others again.

10. And finally,

never talk about the plans you and your boss discussed, even if you find that the plans are shaped. Caution is essential. The way we communicate new ideas, especially those that breakthrough and touch many people, is just as important as the value of the idea itself.

Always remember that your new company survives many days before you are there. So you are not a savior or something like that. Always think that you are a smart and talented person, joining a team of other smart and talented people. Respect their contribution, even if you are sure you know better ways to do the work your colleagues are doing.

It is the energy that you spread when building up warm relationships that will come back and help you be much more successful!


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