Tek Experts Recruits Native Teachers For Staff.

Monthly Salary
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Job Description

- Working part-time 2 hours/day and 10 hours/week in 2 months.

- Organizing training workshops for the new English Campaign of Tek Experts for employees and management level.

- Creating the training content and be the main facilitator in the workshops/class.

- Delivering training using a variety of content including examples, exercises, job aides, practice tools and applications.

- Collaborating with the site trainers to build the training materials.

Job Requirement

- Must have experience in teaching English to adult learners.

- Experience in organizing workshop/event/campaign for adult learners.

- Has Certification in Teaching or Teaching English as a second language.

- Preferably has background experience in running project involving multiple teams in a corporate setting.

Job Benefit

- Top office in a central location: Lotte Center & TNR Nguyen Chi Thanh. Hanoi.

- Excellent working conditions, casual atmosphere, and state-of-the-art hardware.

- Excellent salary package.