Teaching In Ho Chi Minh - Pay Rate (before Tax): $9.4 - $15.0 Per 45 Minutes.

Monthly Salary
(Before TAX): $9.4 - $15.0 Per

Job Description

NativeX Edtech's primary offering, NativeX, is a comprehensive and unified learning platform designed to streamline the learning process.

Built on advanced technology, the platform enables convenient access to a diverse range of learning content and study programs.

Employing a scientific data-driven approach, NativeX is dedicated to providing an efficient and effective learning experience for adults who wish to learn English but may face time and geographical constraints to attend traditional offline classes.

We are seeking teachers to join and teach General English to Vietnamese adults on NativeX's platform:

• Location: 100% online.

• Expected start time: June 2023

• Work hours: Class duration: 45 minutes/ slot; Flexible teaching time: 8:00

• 23:45 (GMT•7) | 16 teaching slots per day.

• Class size: 1x6 or 1x3.


> Pre-class Register availability (two-week period) and provide sufficient teaching hours as required

> Check teaching schedule and notifications from NativeX frequently

> Preview lesson slides and study teaching materials carefully.

> In class Join assigned classes/ conduct substitute teaching when needed

> Follow provided lesson plans and presentations to teach students general English skills

> Correct pronunciation; grammar mistakes for students.

> After class:

Complete class feedback.

Job Requirement

- At least macOS: 10.9 / Windows: 10 Professional, 64 bit.

- Hardware: At least RAM: = 8 GB AND CPU: 4 cores OR Clockspeed at least: 1.8 GHz.

- Internet bandwidth: Ping<20ms> 20Mbps; Download > 30Mbps (Please check at https://www.speedtest.net/)

- Have a webcam; headphones and a microphone.

- A Diploma/ University Degree.

- English Language Teaching Certificate (TEFL)

- Achieve advanced English proficiency level.

Job Benefit

- Regular teaching hours.

- Pay rate (Before TAX): $9.4 - $15.0 per 45 minutes.

- Committed teaching package based on class slots.

- Ready-made lesson plan & teaching materials.

- All-in-one teaching and job management platform.

- Year-round reward schemes & performance bonuses.

- Salary review every 06 months.

- Intensive onboard training & on-demand consultation sessions as required.

- Payment via international bank transfer.

- Online contract (one year)