Teaching In Da Nang At Least One Year Experience - Salary Range: 12$ - 22$/h (part-time)

Monthly Salary
Salary range: 12$ - 22$/h (par

Job Description


The Mission of WISE ENGLISH is to help young people CHANGE their English study methods according to NLP and Linguistics to conquer the language in the FASTEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way.


Our special and distinction methods include the 6-step Vocabulary Study and Transcribing methods which are based on the principles of the Neuro-linguistics programming (NLP) and Linguistics science.

The methods have helped thousands of students get the IELTS 6.5 and above and speak English fluently within a short period of time.

They are literally able to save 80% of their time, yet still achieve huge improvements in studies.

- Plan and deliver high quality English language teaching for students (Kids & Teenagers)

- Conduct and mark students' progress tests.

- Support students in their studies.

Job Requirement

- Native speakers

- Teaching experience (at least 1 year)

- Teaching certificates (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or equivalent) are prefered

- Be available on weekends

- Professional, energetic, friendly, and motivated.

- Committed to work for at least 06 months. Committed to finish the courses (2.5 months) once taken and use the curriculum, lesson plans, methods provided after training.

Job Benefit

- Salary range: 12$ - 22$/h (part-time)

- Get trainning for our distinctive teaching methods based on the Neutro-linguitics programming (NLP) and Linguitics Science.

- National holidays: in accordance with Vietnamese law.

- Personal development and achieve much progress in the profession.

- Opportunities to attend outdoor and team building activities.

- Informal help for Vietnamese language learning if needed.