Teaching English With 150 Hours Per Month In HCMC.

March 19, 2024
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Job Description

1. About TOPICA Native Established in 2013, TOPICA Native has been a leading online English teaching platform in Southeast Asia with over 1,600 English-speaking instructors and over 100,000 learners on our platform.

At TOPICA Native, we believe that English learning is a non-stop process and learners will learn most effectively when they can take ownership of their own learning pathway.

Using modern technological advances in education and sound pedagogical approaches in English language learning, TOPICA Native has been able to help thousands of learners to improve their communicative English competence and open their door to many future opportunities and new success.

2. About Native X Native X is TOPICA Native’s most innovative 4-skill English learning program targeting the adult age group (18+) on TOPICA’s unified learning platform.

Native X is built to establish a general English foundation in 4 skills for adults who need English in their work and study but may face time and geographical constraints to attend regular classes.

The learning design of Native X encourages learners to establish a scientific and active learning habit with instant reinforcement to make sure that learners can actively monitor their own learning process and apply their English knowledge in practical settings effectively.

* Job details:

● Location: Teaching online.

● Types of the program: General English for Vietnamese adult learners.

● Teaching tool and platforms:

o Lesson plans and teaching materials are provided;

o High-tech and user-friendly unified learning Platform (ULP) integrated with Zoom.

● Work hours:

o Class duration: 45 minutes each;

o Flexible 16 teaching slots: 8:00 am – 11:00 pm (GMT +7).

* Responsibilities:

o Provide sufficient teaching hours as required.

o Teach students general English skills or other Topica English programs as per requested following provided lesson plans and presentations.

o Correct pronunciation; grammar mistakes for students.

o Conduct substitute teaching when needed.

o Follow the requirements stated in the current effective Teacher’s Handbook.

o Besides that, we also offer an extra package for teachers who are interested in academic activities of Native X such as Marking, Lesson review, Review 1-1, Curriculum involvement.

3. Our recruitment process will be:

● Send a resume;

● The recruitment team will respond and instruct you with the next steps;

● Conduct online teaching demo and receive feedback;

● Receive an offer, complete entrance training, and contract signing;

● Start your live classes!

To work as an English Teacher at TOPICA Native, you will need: 1. Qualification: ● A Diploma/ University Degree, and/or; ● A reputable and recognized qualification in English Language Teaching (TEFL/ TESOL/ CELTA); ● Achieve advanced English proficiency level (IELTS 7.0+); 2, Experience and interpersonal skills: ● Has a minimum of 6- months English teaching or tutoring experience; ● Has stable Internet connection; private laptop; camera and microphone; ● Be comfortable teaching with technology; ● Be punctual; highly disciplined; proactive.