March 19, 2024
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Job Description

A University Counselor in LSTS is responsible for helping high school students choose, plan, and execute their study abroad experiences. At work, he/she needs to interact directly with students who are interested in studying abroad as well as parents, teachers, administrators, etc. The counselor is also tasked with providing general guidance on studying abroad in addition to advising specific programs or schools.

• Developing study abroad curricula, programming consultation activities/workshops/seminars for students, SOPs, and strategies to improve study abroad outcomes.
• Develops curriculum and provides training to teachers to support career planning and college selection/application processes.
• Works with students and their families to understand the career alternatives available to them as well as the educational alternatives that are accessible.
• Networking with foreign institutions to promote the school and/or deal with individual student cases.
• Managing student records, including guiding students through the application process, helping students manage finances, and providing contact information for local and foreign offices where students can get help if they have problems.
• Helping students secure scholarships or other funding to support their study abroad experience.
• Advising students on how to prepare for their transition to university life, including studying foreign languages, researching local culture and customs, and learning about safety issues.
• Performing administration, tracking student admissions outcomes, and reporting university counseling statistics.
• Other tasks assigned by School leaders

JOB REQUIREMENTS - Qualifications and Requirements: Bachelor’s or master’s degree in education,or a related field, Counseling certification (either university counseling or in other counseling field), Career counseling and orientation knowledge - RELEVANT EXPERIENCE AND AREAS OF EXPERTISE +5 years of experience at the same role (in America or Canada is a bonus) Main areas of expertise: USA, Canada, Australia, UK. Other regions which are highly beneficial: Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Japan - SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES Dedication and expertise in counseling Ability to work with diverse populations Other: receptiveness to feedback, collaboration, open-minded Social-emotional knowledge is a bonus. WORKING TIME: - Mondays to Saturday mornings (5.5 days per week). (Working from home on Sat, if not required to participate in the school's events). - Working time: Mornings: from 7:30 am to 12:00 am Afternoons: From 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm