Recruiting English Teachers In Hanoi - Competitive Salary.

Monthly Salary
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Job Description

NDAG Language is project on socializing English for Vietnamese people.

NDAG Language is a project of NDAG - a prestigious consulting firm with 16 years of experience and a system of 3 million members.

NDAG Language was established with the desire to help the Vietnamese community improve their ability to communicate and use English, thereby capturing more opportunities in life.

- Teaching online in 30'.

- Or dialogue communicating with students in 30' (choose 1 topic, let the students ask and answer according to that topic)

- Free talk according to 1 topic.

- Prepare learning materials for students.

Job Requirement

- Friendly, eager to learn new things.

- Having laptop and stable internet.

- Native speaker.

Job Benefit

- Don’t need to find students, there are 3 million members of NDAG who are your potential students.

- You can exchange the course fee in messenger.

- Make friend with English teachers who are Vietnamese or foreigners with many years of experience.


- Philippine teacher 81-90php/30' ~ 40k

- Africa teacher 2$/30'

- Western teachers are not from UK, USA, Canada, Australia 3$/30'

- UK, USA, Canada, Australia teachers deal 4-6$/30'

- Vietnamese teachers 60k -90k/1hour

- Teachers prepare textbooks by themselves, register for a freelance schedule.

We will find students who are suitable for them (technically not available), so we will need a free 30 minutes trial lesson for students to see if they are suitable and assess their level.