Recruiting A Substantial Amount Of Teachers To Teach English. Salary: 1700 Usd With 100 Hours Per Month.

Monthly Salary
1700 usd/100 hour/month

Job Description

- Kent & Family company Recruiting a substantial amount of teachers to teach English.

- Type of class: Primary schools (grade 1-5), (possibility of secondary schools also).

- Number of students: From 30 - 35 per class.

- Following a syllabus and using provided supplementary materials to deliver engaging lessons focused on improving communication skills.

- Teaching location: Hung Yen province (approximately 60 km from Hanoi).

Job Requirement

- Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

- English language teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA, or equivalent).

- ESL teaching certificate.

Job Benefit

* Salary:

  - 1700 USD (Approximately 39.100.000VND) with 100 hours per month of teaching.

  - The payment is after tax.

* Benefits:

  - Free training course supplied if needed.

  - Free business visa.

  - Free residency card.

  - Free working permit.