Preschool English Teacher

Monthly Salary
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Job Description

- Preschool English teaching according to the school's program
- Implement the requirements of the subject matter of the subject according to the assignment of the School Board
- Proposing ideas & participating in the event, the club is organized by the school to support the development of Early Childhood English

Job Requirement

- Graduated from college / university in English, pedagogical English majors or equivalent IELTS 6.0;
- Good looking appearance, standard pronunciation, inspiring voice
- Love children, understand the psychology of ages
- Actively, withstand high pressure in work

Job Benefit

- Bonus and salary increase regimes: Bonus monthly salary 13 on the Lunar New Year according to the ratio of actual working months in the year; consider a salary increase once a year at the end of the school year.
- Health Insurance: medical examination and treatment at Vinmec International Hospital and under the policy of Health Insurance.
- Eat shift: enjoy shift allowance according to the Company's policy.
- Tourism every year.
- Vacation leave: 12 days / year. Every 5 years, the number of working days is increased according to the law.
- Preferential regime when using the services of member companies of the Group: According to the general regulations of the Company.
- Preferential regime for children studying at Vinschool: employees are entitled to 50% discount on school fees for their children at Vinschool education system.
- Training: The company will provide training courses depending on job needs.
- Other welfare regimes: entitled to benefits according to the Company's policy.