(oea Vietnam) Native English Teachers For The 2019-2020 School Year

Monthly Salary
700 - 1500 USD

Job Description

Job Descriptions:

  • Following assignments and instructions of Academic Manager
  • Developing lesson plans in line with the school curriculum and syllabus
  • Preparing supplementary teaching materials in line with lesson plan
  • Administering & marking the mid-term and final- term tests
  • Creating a vibrant teaching atmosphere
  • Preparing progress reports for students
  • Attending the orientation/training for the teaching project at schools without fee, the annual parents meeting, opening & closing ceremonies if required with fee
  • Regular communication with our office

Job Benefit

  • Competitive Rate of 25-27 dollars per hour ( gross)
  • Commit up to 80 hours per week
  • Financial Sponsor for WP and residence card provided that teachers have ready documents
  • Be trained to be Cambridge Examiner for YLE/KET/PET/FCE/CAE International Exams