Mathematics Teacher (native Speaker)

Monthly Salary
Up to $1500

Job Description

- Teach at A Level (IGCSE) for Grade 6 to 12 due to teaching experience. 
- Plan classes according to syllabus guidelines
- Teach up to 20 hours per week (as assigned), including Math from Grades 6 to 12
- Plan and participate in clubs activities up to 2 hours per week as required
- Teach up to 2 hours per week as a substitute for an indisposed colleague 
- Plan and participate in department and school events as required
- Provide after-school tutorial support as required
- Mark student on time according to school scheme
- Set and grade midterm and end-of-term tests 
- Write narrative comments on student attitude and learning – strengths, achievements and areas for improvement twice a term
- Prepare for and attend parent–teacher meetings once per semester
- Prepare for and meet parents as required
- Complete weekly agenda for every class, including listing the areas/topics/materials covered in each lesson in the form provided
- Attend teacher meetings every two weeks
- Participate fully in annual performance review process
- Observe two colleagues per term and be observed by two colleagues per term in peer observation system
- Attend professional development training as required
- Help with syllabus and learning material development as required

Job Requirement

- Essential: Bachelor in Mathematics Education, especially at teaching at Secondary. 
- Essential: PGCE, teaching license or QTS.
- Essential: 2 years minimum teaching experience, preferably in an International setting.
- Essential: Experience of Common Core, AP or IGCSE.

Job Benefit

Bonus base on performance
Lunch provide
Contract Completion Bonus