Looking for Expat Psychologist in Hanoi

March 19, 2024
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Job Description

We are urgently looking for a qualified Psychologist (part-time) in Hanoi with a competitive salary. The ideal candidate should have BA in Psychology with at least 03 years of relevant experiences.

Please send your CV to Email: recruitment@vietnammedicalpractice.com with your detailed working experiences, copy of relevant degree/certificates and expected salary and working time best before 10 May 2023. Candidates overseas may apply and be supported to settle in Hanoi if recruited.


Psychologist who is in charge of performing psychoanalysis to diagnose mental illness and provide treatment for mental and behavioral issues. Their duties include conducting talk therapy with clients, writing referrals to other health professionals and performing mental health assessments to identify problems.


Psychologist’s job duties and responsibilities include:

Diagnose and treat emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders

Assess patients and provide recommendations for treatments

Use literature, research and translate complex concepts and use them to treat patients

Provide patients with referrals to other therapists, clinics or facilities as needed

Participate in off-hours call rotation

Conduct case management tasks

Conduct administrative tasks

SKILLS & COMPETENCIES The ideal candidate should have BA in Psychology with at least 03 years of relevant experiences with fluent English language . Patience, especially when working with challenging patients or those who may be resistant to treatment Interpersonal skills, including being able to relate to their patients in order to help them Empathy to identify with patients’ experiences to help them understand what is causing them to feel a certain way Trustworthiness to keep the information confidential, as patients will tell the psychologist their most private thoughts and secrets Communication skills and the ability to know when to talk and when to listen to create a safe environment for the patients Critical thinking to help the psychologist make an accurate diagnosis to recommend proper treatment