Looking For A Teacher To Come And Teach In Buon Ma Thuot City – $1400 USD Base Salary.

March 19, 2024
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Language center with public school contract.Looking for a male or female teacher to come and teach in Buon Ma Thuot city, the capital of Daklak province. AMA Buon Ma Thuot has been operating for 5 years, and offers programs for preschool/kindergartners, kids, teens, and adults. The center has over 600 students, and we need a teacher to come and join our existing group of 3 foreign teachers, and take on the delivery of classes to our students. You will have multiple levels to teach, from preschool, right through to university aged students. Supported by at least 2 Vietnamese teacher’s for group classes (15 students maximum). We average 20 teaching hours a week (fluctuates seasonally). Can sometimes be as low as 14 hours a week, never higher than 30 (summer time). Must have a degree, TEFL (or equivalent), and be a native speaker from the UK, US, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand. We will assist you to find suitable short and longer term accommodation in Buon Ma Thuot, and process your visa, work permit, and temporary resident card for you. Buon Ma Thuot (BMT) is a lovely rural capital with lots of natural beauty, and sightseeing opportunities. There are lakes, waterfalls, caves, national parks, elephants, volcanoes, and more within easy reach of the city. Local street markets are dotted throughout town, and local ethnic minorities sell their fresh produce from the early hours of the morning. BMT is the home of the Vietnamese coffee industry, and we are blessed with many beautiful cafésand places to enjoy a quiet cup, or 2… Voted Vietnams’ greenest city, BMT has quickly developed from a sleepy rural capital, into an economically powerful regional center. We enjoy a very low cost of living, and offer a base salary of $1400, with opportunities to earn more (by teaching kindergarten, preschool, kids classes). Monthly expenses average $600 (living quite comfortably, depending on the individual), so it is very easy to save most of your salary if you so desire. If you are a female kindergarten teacher with experience, we can offer you $1600 USD per month, plus $100 USD housing allowance per month. Long contract of at least 1 year. Live and work in the capital city of Daklak province, nestled between Cambodia (west), Nha Trang (east), Dalat (south), and Pleiku (north). Very mild weather all year round. Please ask me for more details. ???? Any and all enquiries answered.

Requirements: 1. You may be required to correct a great deal of essays and reports depending on the level you teach and conduct final speaking and writing tests. You will receive daily training and will work closely with one of our trainers during your first three months to master the curriculum.2. Collared shirts and trousers are required along with clean fashionable shoes and ties for men and smart fashionable attire for women.Please take a look at our website: ktdcgroup.vn, especially the teacher profiles.Please send all pertinent information including CV, references and a photo to:Kenneth A. Taft Jr* You MUST live in HCMC to be considered for this position. * We offer equal opportunity to all applicants regardless of gender or ethnicity. * Only native speakers from USA, British Isles, NZ, Canada, South Africa or Australia will be considered due to the expectations of our students.