Jaxtina English Center

Monthly Salary
500 - 700 USD

Job Description

- Planning and organizing recruiting personnel to ensure the quality of personnel and timely meet human resources for business activities of the Company.

- Building recruitment brand communication;

- Managing personnel information and implementing periodic personnel reports;

- Participate in developing and proposing policies, salary, bonus and discipline policies for employees and implementing and supervising effective implementation;

- Organize the activities of building, maintaining and developing corporate culture throughout the system.

Job Requirement

- Proficient in English, graduated from university;

- Experience in teaching English for students and employees at least 6 months;

- Have a career, responsibility, enthusiasm, passion and desire to develop careers in the field of education; capable of transmitting and inspiring learning English;

- Prioritize:

+ Graduates from the University of Foreign Languages, candidates with experience of living, studying and working in English as the main language;

+ Candidates have one of the following English certificates: IELTS 7.5, TOEIC 950, TOEFL iBT103, TOEFL paper 620;

Job Benefit

- Salary 10-20 million + bonus according to work performance;

˗ Working in a youthful, friendly, dynamic, fast-growing environment; encouraging personal development, encouraging creativity and innovation to conquer the goal of becoming the top 3 leading English training systems in Vietnam by 2020;

˗ Many opportunities to develop, challenge yourself and advance to high positions with the development of the system such as Management and Training Director;

˗ Trained or sent to train skills for work, develop self-ability, leadership ability;

˗ Join team building, travel, play with the Center;

˗ Social insurance and health insurance regimes according to the law.