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March 19, 2024
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Job Description

KTDC Group is a highly professional IELTS training center with a flawless reputation located in Q1 and at Pico Plaza in Tan Binh district in HCMC. We have been in existence since 2009. We now have an opening for two full-time IELTS trainers.

The business is quite unorthodox in that it is run mostly like a teachers’ collective. We all have our own classrooms (with our name on the door) and share equally and enthusiastically in the curriculum development. Having worked in many language “factories” in Vietnam, we set out to create a center which avoids all their shortcomings. We have minimized the management tier of the business and tend to work on a horizontal plane. Currently, we’re 15 trainers including 3 IELTS examiners, supported by one Vietnamese managing partner handling the VN side of the business and multiple customer service and marketing personnel. Every day we share information about the IELTS exam and brainstorm ways to improve our teaching methods and curriculum content. We adhere to standard business ethics and up to now, we have been able to procure a flawless reputation with Vietnamese students. We’re very professional in everything we do, and we will continue to work in this manner. Our goal is not to be the biggest language center in Vietnam, just the best.

At KTDC Group, we deliver top-notch professional IELTS preparation training to our students. Mainly evening classes are available but mornings or afternoons may be possible later. The position is full-time, which means 18 classroom hours per week, Monday-Saturday, 18:00-21:15. If you truly love teaching and consistently try to improve your teaching methods, then maybe you will fit into our family-like atmosphere. Being knowledgeable about the IELTS exam is very helpful but not necessarily a requirement. If you don’t have much knowledge about the test, it just means your training period will be longer than usual. This is not a “punch in, deliver content, punch out” type of position like in so many language centers. It’s an opportunity to really develop your teaching style and perfect your methods in a very professional atmosphere.

The first three months of teaching will be a probation period. After completing our training program, which consists of getting familiar with our curriculum (and the exam itself), doing teacher observations, and doing a demo lesson, you will begin teaching your own courses. During the first three months, we will randomly contact your students to solicit their opinion of your teaching style and classroom management, the curriculum, the facilities, customer service, etc. We will then pass on this feedback to you. At the end of the 3-month probation period, an evaluation will be carried out and the results will determine whether to continue the relationship and sign a full-time contract.

Requirements: 1. You may be required to correct a great deal of essays and reports depending on the level you teach and conduct final speaking and writing tests. You will receive daily training and will work closely with one of our trainers during your first three months to master the curriculum. 2. Collared shirts and trousers are required along with clean fashionable shoes and ties for men and smart fashionable attire for women. Please take a look at our website:, especially the teacher profiles. Please send all pertinent information including CV, references and a photo to: Kenneth A. Taft Jr * You MUST live in HCMC to be considered for this position. * We offer equal opportunity to all applicants regardless of gender or ethnicity. * Only native speakers from USA, British Isles, NZ, Canada, South Africa or Australia will be considered due to the expectations of our students.