Ielts Teacher

Monthly Salary
500 - 1000 USD

Job Description

1. Communicate IELTS content to students in the most fun and effective way
2. Contribute to 100% IELTS commitment commitment for students

- Teaching IELTS program for students according to the planned program
- Participate in writing program content for study programs
- Participate in research and development of new teaching methods and content
- Follow the learning of each student and report directly to Academic Manager
- Other assigned jobs

Salary: 10,000,000 - 16,000,000
- Rewards: depending on the business situation of the company and the level of completion of the department's criteria.
- Have the opportunity to study, improve English experience and ability and other skills for work.

Job Requirement

- Graduated in English major
- Having a teaching certificate
- IELTS 7.0 or higher

Working conditions:
Location: 1 in 2 establishments: 160/72 Phan Huy Ich, Ward 12, Go Vap or 269A, Nguyen Trong Tuyen, Ward 10 Phu Nhuan
Media: Transportation means self-sufficient
Equipping and using personal computers at work.
Time: 5.5 days / week
- Monday - Friday: 7.15 - 17.15
- Saturday: 08:00 - 12:00