Ielts Teacher

Monthly Salary
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Job Description

- Teaching English IELTS based on the curriculum framework of the center
- Monitor and care for students, advise students on effective learning methods
- Contributing to improve the curriculum
- Responsible for the program and class quality
- Performing the mission work according to the assignment.

Job Requirement

- Experience in teaching IELTS for not less than 1 year or have an IELTS score of 7.0 or above. In case the applicant does not have an official degree can take the test at the center.

- Prefer university graduates majoring in English / English pedagogy or have a pedagogic certificate.

- Experience in IELTS training for international students is an advantage.

- Supporting the training department in drafting additional documents during the teaching process.

- Love the job, enthusiasm for education, responsibility for the job, and good time management skills.

- Dynamic, creative, with a spirit of learning, progressive, ready to innovate teaching methods.

Job Benefit

Is an official employee who pays social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance fully in accordance with the law.