Humanities Teacher

Monthly Salary
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Job Description

Plan and deliver exceptional instruction aligned to the academic standards, assessments, student assessment data, and the SCSA curriculum framework.

  • Conduct and organize on-going assessments of student performance using multiple assessment tools including standardized tests, performance assessments, anecdotal records, homework and individualized assessments as appropriate.
  • Collaborate and co-teach with teachers and Teaching Associates (when applicable).
  • Create a classroom culture and environment by consistently modeling the promise, practicing Responsive Classroom techniques, displaying recent high-quality student work, and maintaining a classroom that is designed and organized for maximal student learning.
  • Integrate developmentally appropriate, culturally competent, research-based strategies into teaching and assessment practices.
  • Integrate the use of complex, engaging, standards-based problems into teaching practice.
  • Create and assess standards-based intellectual and relational connections across difference.
  • Integrate STEM enhanced theme into teaching and assessment practice.
  • Engage parents and families in their students' academic success.
  • Contribute to the productivity of the school as a whole.
  • Attend and participate in school events outside of regular school hours.
  • Other duties as assigned

Job Requirement

We are looking for candidates who embody the following values and characteristics:

  • Content and teaching expertise and skilled in the use of document-based questions to assess student learning.
  • Proven ability to teach rigorous college ready texts to diverse populations.
  • A clear understanding of standards-based curriculum, standards-based assessment, and differentiated instruction.
  • Proven ability to use models and exemplars to drive instruction.
  • Proven ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Commitment to meeting the needs of every child in a diverse population.
  • Commitment to his/her own learning and professional development.
  • Strong collaborative capabilities.

Job Benefit

Salary & Benefits

We offer:

  • Most competitive based on qualifications and experience
  • Attractive bonus for excellent performance
  • 20 annual pay leaves
  • 10 sick leaves
  • Setup of a local bank account
  • Lunch allowance and coffee
  • Assistance acquiring Work Visa, Work Permit, and Premium Health Insurance
  • 1 year to 2 year contracts, with the possibility to stay longer
  • Flight ticket after finish 1-year contract
  • PD training
  • Field trips
  • Other allowances are negotiated