{hot} - Teaching English In Hanoi - Salary Over 1000 Usd/month.

Monthly Salary
Pay Rate per Hour: 4$ - 7$/hou

Job Description

ALES English was established in 2015, is the system of IELTS teaching centers in Hanoi and HCMC.

Highlights of ALES:

- Awarded the title of top 3/5 best IELTS training centers in 2019.

- Possessing a streamlined curriculum that closely follows the IELTS exam.

- Innovative teaching method 3 with 1: teacher – tutor – supervise, commit to students who do not pass free re-study.

- Teaching in a 1-1: 1 teacher model teaches 1 student.

- Teaching 2-3 classes / week; each session from 1.5 to 2 hours/session.

- Class length: 60 min.

- Min hours per week: 6.

- Student age: every age but mostly 6-20 years old.

- Details discussed in the interview

Job Requirement

- Use English fluently, especially communication skills - IELTS/TOEIC/ TEFL/CELTA / Trinity TESOL / IHC or equivalent.

- Online Teaching Certificates may be accepted.

- Experience in teaching or tutoring English (offline and online)

- Priority is given to students studying in universities, majoring in -foreign languages, …

- There are computers with stable network connection, the space to ensure online teaching.

- Proficient in computers, Office software, Skype, … 

Job Benefit

- Pay Rate per Hour: 4$ - 7$/hour -> Salary over 1000 USD/month.

- Attractive salary are based on your qualifications, abilities and teaching skills as well as the number of sessions.

- Flexible working hours.

- Do not need to pay any cost.