Head Of Kindergarden (preschool Director)

Monthly Salary
Up to $1500

Job Description

The preschool director is required to create policies, manage staff and oversee daily operations within the Kindergarten, as well as handle problems with staff and students. They develop the curriculum and ensure the school meets any standards set by law. Other duties include teaching classes as needed, determining spending responsibilities and making admission decisions. Preschool directors work in public and private preschools.

In addition to this, the preschool/kindergarten director has the responsibility of organizing and directing the development and implementation of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for preschoolers. The coordinator identifies educational opportunities for preschoolers through student identification and assessment, as well as takes a leadership role in designing curricula and programs for preschool education. The coordinator must work with a variety of people to accomplish the duties of this position successfully.

Job Requirement

Qualifications and Requirements

Teaching Credential/License
Head of Kindergarden (preschool director)
  • Early Childhood Teacher Qualifications
  • Proven ability to manage work-flow through being well-organized and flexible in approaching day to day activities
  • Willingness to maintain sector knowledge and identify own educational and personal development needs
  • Commitment to sharing knowledge and learning with other staff
  • Active participation in professional learning programmes
  • Ability to listen, interpret and summarise educational and technical information
  • Capacity to build and maintain effective working relationships with other staff
  • Willingness to address challenges in a positive and proactive manner
  • Flexibility, enthusiastic and responsive to change
  • Ability to meet the requirements to be physically and mentally fit to carry out their duties safely and satisfactorily
  • Enthusiastic, positive-thinking, hard-working, patient 

Job Benefit

  • Attractive salary
  • Visa/Work permit sponsorship 
  • Round-trip air ticket
  • Free lunch at school 
  • One academic year renewable contract 
  • Medical insurance
  • Paid public holidays 
  • 5 days per annum sick pay