Head of International Department

March 19, 2024
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Job Description


The Head of International Department directly influences the quality of learning and teaching International Program throughout the school. The position is one that requires leadership experience in the development and implementation of curriculum and operational initiatives. Working with the Senior Leadership team and the school’s Board of Directors, the role will be one of high responsibility in its contribution to creating and maintaining a positive and productive workplace culture and educational environment in a bilingual setting.

Job Requirements Native English Speaker or demonstrate native level proficiency of English. Required soft skills: Management, problem-solving; classroom management; … High-sense of responsibility; punctual; honest; well – organized; psychological understanding Good at using computer software and teaching materials Have Bachelor certificate/Degree/PGCE/QTS, major: Education/ Math Education/ Science Education At least 2 years of experience in the same position OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES General Operations and Future Development of the International Department Develop an approach to the operations of the Department that includes innovative subject/curriculum area policies, plans and targets within the context of the school’s strategic plan; Develop a strategic plan for the expansion of Edexcel subjects’ provision to drive improvement across the school in standards, achievement and attainment; Identify and respond to opportunities to actively promote the Iris School brand; foster and develop relationships with parent representatives; and local, national and international universities and colleges. Curriculum development: In the school’s initial year of operation (2019-2020): Develop syllabus and identify and map weekly learning objectives for curriculum pacing guides (Primary and Lower Secondary classes). Generate documentation and procedures for teaching staff input of daily lesson plans and classroom activity. Commence work on the establishment and use of Google Classroom across all year levels. Teaching and Training Ensure effective monitoring of teaching and assessment processes within the International Department; develop procedures and documentation to evaluate the quality of teaching and learning; Develop timelines and document templates for supporting reporting procedures (student progress); Develop and implement professional development opportunities for teaching staff, with an initial focus on the delivery of Edexcel programs. Leading and managing staff Provide active leadership for all teaching and administrative staff working in the International Department; Mentoring, collaborating and sharing of information so that staff motivation is at an optimum level to encourage continuous improvement in the quality of teaching and learning; Manage all allocated teaching and support staff including assisting with recruitment and performance management. Establish and implement procedures for performance reviews; Create effective teams by inspiring and motivating students and staff. Be a positive role model for other staff and students by taking responsibility for the continuous improvement of Department efficiency; Efficient and effective deployment of staff and resources; Identify appropriate resources for the Department and ensure that they are used efficiently, effectively and safely; Work collaboratively at both strategic and operational levels with other Heads of Department, parents and students. PROFESSIONAL DUTIES AND ROLE ACCOUNTABILITY: The Head of Department is responsible for: Leading and managing the International Department including: modelling best practice in administrative procedures; curriculum development; monitoring student achievement and the effectiveness of teachers; dealing with all operational, budgeting and record keeping requirements; and ensuring fair and effective assessment procedures; Ensuring continued innovation in teaching and learning practices. Providing opportunities for enrichment for gifted students and the development of learning support programs for students on individual study plans; Actively working with members of the International Department in planning a pathway for the professional learning needs of the faculty; Looking for ways of engaging the priority primary schools in experiences of English in the secondary school; Attending and contributing to Curriculum Team meetings on behalf of the Department; Holding regular faculty meetings with prepared agendas and published meeting minutes; Other duties as required by the School’s managing board. APPOINTMENT: The Head of Department is appointed as a position in the school’s Senior Leadership Team APPRAISAL/REVIEW CONDITIONS The appointee to this position will be required to undergo a yearly Professional Review with a member of the College Leadership Team. VARIABLE DUTIES/HOURS: The Head of Department participates fully in the school community, demonstrating and modelling a positive commitment to the school community. The nature of the position is such that the Head of Department may be required to be available outside “normal” school hours, and is actively involved in all marketing and public relations events held to promote the school.