Expats Only - "recruitment And Welfare Manager (education)"

Monthly Salary
$1200- $1700/month

Job Description

1. Recruitment duties (60%)
- Responsible for recruiting expatriate personnel for Atlantic Group (AG) and all Academic and teaching positions for supplementary in-school programs, 5S in-school programs (IELTS, primary & secondary), and Cambridge International program.
- Build up various effective teacher sources (Vietnam & overseas). Coordinate job designing/job marketing. Monitor recruitment/selection process and support other team members to guarantee timely internal services.
- Prepare and manage the effectiveness of internal and external job advertisements including career sites, e-recruitment channels, or offline sourcing channels to promote Atlantic employment opportunities.
- Screen CVs to shortlist the qualified candidates for the right position and coordinate with line managers to arrange interviews as per the recruitment procedure of Atlantic.
- Prepare and send Offer Package/Contract for successful candidates.
- Provide regular recruitment updates to all business lines.
- Build up and monitor a Teacher Recruitment information system which includes data/information on-going updates, accessibility, and sharing to related parties.

2. Visa & Work permit (10%)
- Guide employees about the procedure for visa and work permit application process and support them when necessary.

3. Payroll (20%)
- In charge of monthly staff leave and attendance records for payroll purposes.
- In charge of doing monthly payroll for expat employees and responding to their questions (if any).
- HR transaction and inquiries in benefits and payroll preparation and payment process.

4. Welfare (10%)
- Making employee labor contracts, and renewing them in due time.
- Handling questions, resolving employee relation issues and all work-related concerns.
- Coordinator on and update market/competitors’ package information, make sound suggestions to changes/revisions of teaching contract/package.
-Directly involved in disciplinary cases, following disciplinary procedures.
-Support teachers on their welfare issues.

Job Requirement

- Holder of a BA degree or higher.
- Fluent in English (4 skills).
- Experience and understanding of the ESL industry in Vietnam, especially Hanoi and the marketplace of teachers.
- Have at least 3 years of experience in recruitment and welfare, especially with foreigners
- Have a wide recruitment network.
- Knowledgeable about Labor Law, Immigration Law, and others relating to overseas labor;
- Positive attitude and warmth towards people.
- Thoughtful and caring personal manners.
- Highly organized and good at multi-tasks.

Job Benefit

- Competitive Salary
- Premium Health Insurance Package 
- Annual bonus