English Teachers Needed In Hanoi - Voiceover Teaching Material

Monthly Salary
430.000 VND/HOUR

Job Description


2. Job Description - Target listeners: learners at age of 5 to 18.

     - Voiceover is the recording job for educational materials.

In details, Voicer will do 3 tasks as following: 

    +Record book content 

    +Record test content 

    +Record songs for books, software

- Level of material: English for Preschool, Primary school, Secondary school and Highschool

3. Recording device requirements

    3.1. Device 

        For Voicers who’re living in Hanoi: You can come to our office and do the recording. 

        For Voicers who’re living overseas: You need a good microphone to record the sound of your voice. Your microphone is essential since it would largely impact the quality of your reel. Try to buy the best microphone with a sizeable diaphragm condenser that suits your budget.

     3.2. Recording file quality

        The recording file quality should be at least: 

            Mp3 file 128kbps 

            Stereo 44100khz 

            Without noise

4. Usage Details :

    - All right reserved by VPBOX Vietnam.

    - No part of those material (including text and recording files) may be reproduced, stored, transmitted, or disseminated in any form or by any means without written permission from VPBOX Vietnam.

Candidates are requested to send demo recordings using our tapecsript and following the sample chant, song, tracks.

Candidates who can sing will be given priority.

Job Requirement

- Voicer from native English speaking countries.

- Age : From 8-14 years old

- Clear pronunciation in English.

- Clear intonation following the script provided.

- Smoothly read out loud from a script, convey tone and emotion through the voice, speak in a pleasant-sounding voice

Job Benefit

- Working time : Confirmed by our staff who work directly with Voicer (not including time for re-recording to correct any mistake based on our feedback)

- Pay Rate : 460.000 VND/ recording hour

- Payment Method :

     + If you’re in Vietnam: in cash (if you’re in Vietnam), bank transfer

     + If you’re overseas: via Paypal - Payment terms : Within 20 days after receiving recording files

- Other : Voicer shall be responsible for all the tax and fee related to Finance Law in the local country