English Teacher (at Nha Trang City)

March 19, 2024
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Job Description

Working Location: Vinh Diem Trung residential area, Nha Trang city Vacancy: Part time EFL Teacher (Expat) DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF A TEACHER A teacher plays a vital role in the intellectual, moral, physical, social and aesthetic development of the pupils. The main tasks of a teacher are:

• To impart knowledge and skills to bring about intellectual development of the pupils. • To instil moral and social values in students that are essential to the development of good global citizens.

• To help in the physical development of pupils in order to facilitate healthy living. In the discharge of their duties and responsibilities, teachers are expected to comply with the following:

• Understand and appreciate the school’s philosophy and impart it to pupils. • Reinforce School policies, procedures and standards and ensure they are applied and observed.

• Set examples in conduct and decorum.

• Create an optimum atmosphere for learning and interaction in the classroom and monitor the general progress of pupils.

• Adopt a firm but understanding approach in guiding and disciplining students. As members of staff, teachers are expected to:

• Work in close co-operation and harmony with other members of staff in the interests and needs of students.

• Develop interest in professional advancement by improving their skills, knowledge and methodology.

• Promote school projects.

• Help maintain school discipline.

• Abide by the directives of the School and Senior Management regarding national, educational and other policies.

• Accept duties assigned by the Principal, Vice Principal, Heads of Study and Coordinators. This Job Description is not limited to the duties / responsibilities described above and will be subject to changes to incorporate any duties / responsibilities to reflect the job scope / business requirements.

- Bachelor's degree in any subjects and a TESOL, CELTA or TEFL or any - - equivalent qualifications are accepted.- Be able to organize pair work or group work in class- Love kid