English Teacher

Monthly Salary
500 - 1000 USD

Job Description

- Instruct students with given curriculum and master content area and is able to teach students in a clear and effective manner to drive academic achievement.
- Provide a one-to-one teaching experience in the areas of English 
- Teach customized English classes to students of various ages, ranging from young learners to mature professionals.
- To assist, support, and work closely with students, administrators, and other team members in providing educational benefit for students.
- Differentiates instruction to meet the needs of students with varying academic strengths and weaknesses.
- Actively participates in professional development and works collaboratively with instructional leaders to improve instructional practices
- Other duties as assigned

Job Requirement

- Graduate from FTU, RMIT or other universities/institutions majoring in English, or abroad students
- Excellent pronunciation, active and powerful style 
- Having good connecting skill and willing to share
- A dynamic, creative and professional approach with a passion for teaching and a commitment to real English education.
- At least 01 year- experience, (IELTS 7.5)
- Self-motivated, disciplined and result- oriented

Job Benefit

- High chances of getting promoted in a rapidly growing company.
- There will be general and functional skills training.
- A fixed schedule with 100% booking rate will provide you with a steady income and job security.