Class Management Leader

Monthly Salary
500 - 700 USD

Job Description

1. Directly responsible for ensuring:
- Customer care, handling customer complaints and giving appropriate feedback
- Class quality management, class images and class facilities.
2. Work directly with the Customer Experience Department on customer service and professional issues of the customer care team.
3. Collaborate with Head Teacher and the teaching quality management department on teacher-related issues at the center.
4. Arrange class schedule is in line with the sales situation and the level of students
5. Manage the most suitable and effective demo classes for students
6. Follow up and manage the renewal rate of parents.
7. Combine the related BP activities for students

Job Requirement

- Bachelor degree or above, bachelor degree in education/English teaching methodology is prefered
- Experience in managing employees, being good at operation is a must (required)
- Fluent in English: reading, writing, speaking and listening and good translation skills.
- Soft skills: team management and time management
- Create good relationships and social skills with colleagues, parents, students and teachers.
- Know how to use time appropriately and effectively to solve tasks.

Job Benefit

12 days of paid leave
13th Payment
Free courses for children