5 Full-time Positions For Americans & Canadians In Ho Chi Minh City

Monthly Salary
Up to $1500

Job Description

We are VietHieuFEC established in 2012 and growing into an active, vibrant center of university-aged students and advanced English learners. We are looking to add to our staff of native English teachers. This is a stable job with high salary and yearly benefits. If you are interested in the job, contact us now.


We are proud to be one of the only centers in Vietnam capable of offering year-round, full-time positions. While most centers need to lay-off foreign staff during the slow months or move teachers to part-time throughout the off-season, our quality of education, reputation, and student enthusiasm has led to stable enrollment that guarantees our North American staff full time work. We are also proud to be one of the only centers in Ho Chi Minh that pays its educators during shift breaks, provides all teaching materials, and does not require outside prep work or grading time.



- Position: English Teacher

- Location: Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City

- Schedule: Shifts are in 4 hour segments, Monday through Sunday (7:30AM-11:30AM) (5:40PM-9:40PM). Staff works a maximum of 40 hours per week.

- Fluency and conversation English classes with advanced English learners

- Holding advanced classes (TA’s Support)

- Working in an active and friendly environment

- Hour: 40 hours/ week for full time

- If interested in part-time work for an hourly rate, you must still be able to sign a one-year commitment. Please contact to discuss option of 20 -30 hour work weeks.

Job Requirement

-must be able to commit to a one-year contract

- Position is only open to Female educators

- Energetic teachers with full qualifications, humorous, charismatic, friendly, dynamic, dependable and responsible person.

- Experience: We welcome experienced staff, and we’ll offer on-the-job training to new teachers and first-time educators

- Educated and certified

- VietHieu FEC emphasizes a standardized accent, and requires that native speakers be American or Canadian




Please send your updated CV to: xxx


CV & Application letter

Visa & Passport

Expressing ability to commit for 12 months

Start Date: October 1st 2019


Thank you, and we’re excited to hear from you!

Job Benefit


55,000,000 VND NET per month for full time staff,

- contact for hourly rates for part-time staff

Year-end Bonus 30,000,000 VND after first year (full-time only)

Year-end Bonus 40,000,000 VND after second year (full-time only)



-Full training and support.

-Teaching materials provided.

-Stipends for transportation to classes.

-Supported for visas & permits

- Regularly-scheduled paid “prep periods” for teachers to grade papers and support students.

- Breakings during shifts are paid.

- The school is closed for several Vietnamese holidays; 7 of those days, teachers will be paid during their time off

- Stable, full-time job

-Payment method: Monthly in cash.

- Airport picking up for free.

-Vietnamese assistant for free, Vietnamese exchange and Vietnamese lessons for free.

-Professional development opportunities

-Self-study materials for ongoing development

- one month off (unpaid) for Lunar New Year where educators have the opportunity to travel

- We will help connect you to agents to find an apartment, how to rent a motorbike (if interested), help you set up a Vietnamese phone number, support you to connect internet, and aid in all of the transitions to a new country