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About Company

Readingstar English institute is a company that continually seeks growth based on our core philosophies. We are a trusted institution and strive to achieve dreams of both employees and students since launching in 2004. Readingstar has successfully accomplished teaching students English at a high standard of excellence. Students completing the Readingstar program have met the global standard of English with our effective strategies for the last 10 years.

ReadingStar’s curriculum is based on 21st century methods including digitalization and globalization. The classes are equipped with our effective reading based program, workbooks developed by our own staff, tablets provided by SSAIC, along with well-trained teachers.

Readingstar students follow our philosophy - “1Year=1Grade” - to meet global standards of English. At Readingstar, students are achieving “1Year=1 Grade” through our reading curriculum combined with a level-oriented library system. We follow an appropriate leveling system that places students in the right classes. We also incorporate technology in our classrooms to motivate learners and to create a student centered learning environment. ReadingStar uses globally standardized assessments which are accepted worldwide. World-renowned tests such as TOEIC, IELTS, and TOEFL are used to help our students succeed internationally.