Solar English

  • Viet Nam
  • 50-100

About Company

Our mission is to create core values ​​for the community. Our core values ​​are:
1. Language ability: Using English as a second language
This is one of the first goals that we aim to. In the advanced age of society today, the need for English is always a top priority, because of that understanding, enthusiastic teachers of Solar English always try to help children learn well and develop. maximize your ability to learn English, making English your second language.
2. The ability to master and express yourself.
In the development trend of society, besides the necessary requirements of knowledge, the factors surrounding people also play a very important role. Therefore, in addition to focusing on the English language for children, the Solar English Center also pays special attention to their mastery and personal development. In the process of studying at the Center, we will help the children form the most necessary life skills so that they can master their own thoughts, actions and protect their personal opinions before the collective. At the same time, boldly show your strengths.
3. Ability to think creatively: Develop thinking in an optimal way, the most positive thinking.
We value the development of your children's creative thinking as an important part of the Center's educational mission. So, here you are the most comprehensive education not only a language field but also the other values ​​we wish to bring to you through skill training and optimal thinking development. To build the most positive thinking habits for you.
4. Love and inspiration: Be happy with yourself, treat those around you with a happy heart and with an advanced learning attitude.
These are the great values ​​that we wish the night for our children through learning and training at the Center. In addition to learning to have new and useful knowledge, in the process of training our children, we always create the best opportunities for them to improve themselves and become personalities. be good, be happy with your values ​​and know how to be tolerant, selfless, loving people around you.