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About Company

Modern Montessori International (MMI) London is a United Kingdom based multinational education
organisation and a leading Montessori pre-school and teacher training operator in the world. MMI
operates 100 pre-school and teacher training colleges in 16 countries across 3 continents.
The core programmes of MMI is the time tested Montessori programmes. MMI infuses the
traditional Montessori environment with modern development in Early Childhood Education. This
combination offers the best of both world to the education of young children.
Further reinforcing the MMI Group’ excellence in child development services and teacher training is
the Group’s accordance with a host of prestigious awards and recognitions. These include the
Singapore Quality Class (SQC), ISO 9001-2008, Singapore Franchise Mark, and Accreditations from
British Accreditation Council (BAC), and the Open and Distance Learning Quality Council, U.K.
(ODLQC), Most Influential Brand Award, Asia Most Promising Brand award, Reader Digest “Most
Trusted Brand award” and many more.
MMI’s core target market is the discerning parents who desire to give their children a quality
and proven head start in their early years. They see MMI’s offerings and brand philosophy
as a preferred and desired alternative to mainstream and conventional government-run
preschools’ offerings available, even if it means having to pay premium rates.
The rise in dual income families as well as a trend of declining birth rates are also
contributing factors to the increasing desire in parents to seek higher quality education for
their offspring and as early as possible.
MMI is continuously delivering a consistently high standard of quality education. This is
driven by a proven management system, a prime business model and an astute corporate
culture. Added to that, the Group possesses a good branding strategy, an unreserved
investment in research and development as well as a capable and dedicated staff to support
its cause.
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