Iris English School

  • Viet Nam
  • 50-100

About Company

Situated in Crown Villas Urban Area on Cach Mang thang Tam Road, Gia Sang Ward, Thai Nguyen City, IRIS School covers an area of approximately 1,3 ha. It is constructed on the basis of International standards and intended for providing its students with a friendly, safe and modern learning environment. At IRIS, the students can be exposed to amazing experiences and have an opportunity of demonstrating love and respect. Simultaneously, their aptitudes can be fully developed under positive encouragement.

The name IRIS carries a number of humane meanings in English. Being carefully selected by the school, IRIS stands for: Independence – Respect – Integrity – Service. These are the most important standards that our school leaders incorporate into the educational process for future generations during their study from kindergarten to high school. The advantages that IRIS School brings to the students include:

Modern facilities of International standards

Programs of English as a Second Language

Programs of creativity and sports

Programs of life skills training

Methods of positive teaching and learning, STEM and hands-on experiences

IRIS bases its curriculum both on the standards for capability and knowledge regulated by The Ministry of Education of Vietnam and on the principles of compatibility with Vietnam’s national education system (from kindergarten to college). In addition, the curriculum includes subjects as English and Life Skills in order to fulfill demands for internationalization and today’s course of development.

IRIS’ teachers have a deep understanding of humane educational perspectives based on the “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, which is written by Professor Howard Gardner from Harvard University. Furthermore, the teachers have latest teaching methods, which helps create a favorable environment for the students to demonstrate their proactiveness, confidence and creativity. Besides, the students can practice communication skills, cooperational skills and independence through hands-on experiences.

IRIS School is constructed by Thai Hung Trading Joint-Stock Company, which has a strategic vision and a good reputation. Given this, we strongly believe that the students’ experience at IRIS could become the greatest memories of their student life, which is regarded as a goal and responsibility for all school staff.

We would like to thank our parents and students for choosing IRIS School as a second family!