Horizon International Bilingual School

  • Viet Nam
  • 50-100

About Company


Horizon International Bilingual School envisions to offer the best international and bilingual programmes in Vietnam around 21st century demands such as development of academic, social, emotional and moral competencies. 

Horizon International Bilingual School will aspire to realize this vision through dedicated and motivated teachers, focus on care of moral values, research on recent educational developments, consideration of individual student targets and needs, instilling sensitivity to different cultures, cooperation with parents and passion for implementing innovation in teaching and learning.  


Horizon International Bilingual School aims to prepare each individual for the academic, social, emotional and moral competencies of the 21st century with the comprising knowledge, skills, attitude and understanding filtered from a broad curriculum sensitive to local, national and international demands and context. 

The outcome of fulfilling our mission is to raise and develop learners and teachers who are: 





engaged and



At Horizon International Bilingual School, we believe that 

Meeting the individual needs of all of our students is important and that every child can learn.

Learning should be fun, enjoyable and an unforgettable experience and that a love for learning should be instilled in every child.

It’s our duty to care about and accept responsibility for all of the children within our school family.

Showing respect to others and modeling appropriate behavior is an integral part of effective education.

HIBS should contribute in all possible ways to the community in which we live.

Learning should be a lifelong process from cradle to grave.

Critical thinking skills should be taught to enable students to identify problems, then analyze and solve them.

We should all appreciate our differences and celebrate our diversity.

Parental involvement is vital to a child’s education and cooperation between the school and parents is vitally important.