Axon English Center

  • Viet Nam
  • 50-100

About Company

Axon English English Center was established in 2017 with the aim of training the generation of preschools, future generations and high quality human resources of Vietnam. With the method of Persionalized Learning and the method of using visual images and sign language, the children develop language and thinking quickly. During the learning process, teachers follow and build the program in accordance with each child's ability. Not only is the language, Axon English is also developing flexible communication skills, positive thinking and good habits. From there, she is confident, bold, and responsive in communication and learning; what Vietnamese students often get. Thanks to the effort, enthusiasm and experience, the teachers and staff at Axon English are always proud of creating the quality of training that any parent who gives them to study with is amazed at the results of baby We hope to expand the model with the goal of training a young generation of Vietnamese who are fluent in English to compete with friends in ASEAN region in particular and Asia in general in learning opportunities. practice and work.